First Timer Power Ratings

First-time starters (FTS) are one of the toughest challenges facing horseplayers every day. To tackle this challenge, HRN built advanced analytics and data-matching looking at over 50,000 FTS, looking at their trainers, workouts, race competition and surfaces to create First-Timer Power Ratings.

The goal of the Power Ratings is to separate the well-intended FTS in spots to win from the ones that have lesser chances. Note the Power Rating system isn’t designed to be picks, but rather a way to think about which FTS to include and which are possibly better left out of your wagers.

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Detailed Stats on Each First-Time Starter


The report provides details on each FTS and their trainer and sire history with FTS:

• HRN overall rating – 1 to 5 stars.

• Track workout rating (between 1 and 100) is a rating of workout speed at the track.

• Barn workout rating (1 and 100) is a rating of workout speed matched to that barn’s history.

• Overall speed/consistency (1 to 100) is a rating of the horse’s workout speed and consistency.

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