Hot Jockey Report

HRN’s Exclusive Jockey report shows the historical impact and performance of every jockey riding today – for the main track and turf course.

Use HRN’s advanced stats – Expected Wins and Impact to find jockeys that are performing significantly better (or worse) than their odds.


Understanding Jockey opportunities

It always helps to understand which jocks are riding well or not! HRN’s pro Jockey Report separates performance on turf and the
main track so you can see how riders are performing on each surface.

Introducing – HRN Expected Wins & HRN Impact numbers

Our proprietary algorithm analyzes which riders are overbet, and underbet, and when!

  • Expected Wins – looking at all the jockey’s mounts and odds (and some other factors), how many races should they have won?
  • HRN’s Impact number – We compare Expected Wins vs. Actual Wins, to see how much they are overperforming or underperforming
    their odds?
How to use the Jockey Report

Keep an eye out for jockeys making a positive impact, or ‘name’ jockeys that have negative impact.
Note which jockeys may be superior on one surface or another.
Be skeptical of favorites if the jockey is performing poorly on that surface, or has a poor impact score, meaning his odds are
too low relative to his chances

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