Sire Moves Report

Will this horse improve on the turf?  What about the synthetic?  Or going sprint to route?

The Sire Moves report answers all these questions by highlighting the biggest pedigree moves each day – whether positive or negative.


Many people are familiar with the big name dirt or grass sires, but what about newer or lesser known sires, such as Klimt, shown below.

His runners are winning at 9% on synthetic sprints, but they are greatly underperforming their odds and have a -43% impact score.  But switching to a turf sprint, his runners jump to 15% winners with a +56% impact.  That means they are surprising bettors and winning more often than their odds would indicate and winning at longer odds.  These are the types of runners we want to bet!

Another example, here is a horse that got on a preferred surface and jumped up and paid $148.20 at Keeneland.

Get the Sire Moves report today and start unlocking winners from pedigree moves every day!


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