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First Timer Power Ratings, Sire Moves, Hot Jockeys, Top Horses to Single, Shipper Stats, Pace Report and Post Position Bias reports.

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Get ALL 7 of these insider reports in one bundle to play Keeneland!

Answering some of the toughest questions facing handicappers:


First Timers in the spotlight

First-time starters (FTS) are one of the toughest challenges facing horseplayers every day. To tackle this challenge, HRN built advanced analytics and data-matching looking at over 50,000 FTS, looking at their trainers, workouts, race competition and surfaces to create First Time Power Ratings.

The goal of the Power Ratings is to separate the well-intended FTS in spots to win from the ones that have lesser chances.

Identify the pace, zero in on the winner

Identifying pace is one of the most important aspects of handicapping, and sometimes the most difficult.  Our advanced algorithms help you get a jump start on handicapping by identifying the fastest and slowest races each day.


Spot horses making positive distance or surface changes

Will this horse improve on the turf?  What about the synthetic?  Or going sprint to route?

The Sire Moves report answers all these questions by highlighting the biggest pedigree moves each day – whether positive or negative.


Find which shippers are winning – and losing

  • Be aware of shippers that are doing very well or very poorly from certain tracks.
  • Be skeptical of favorites shipping in from tracks with poor records or poor impact value.
  • Look for opportunities to play shippers with high impacts


Best potential singles at Keeneland each day

Are you looking for potential singles in Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 5 sequences?  Then you’ve come to the right place.

The Horses to Single report highlights the best potential singles from around the entire country, and shows the most recent results.


Identify post positions that are good and bad bets

As horses run around different shaped and banked oval tracks, there are naturally occurring biases to each track, surface and distance. While there can be slight changes day-to-day, many of these biases are long-standing and  based on the track configuration.



Which jockeys are good and bad bets?

Which jocks are riding well or not?  Our proprietary algorithm analyzes which riders are overbet, and underbet, and when!  The Hot Jockey Report scores Keeneland for the best jockeys to bet on turf, dirt and synthetic surfaces.

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