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The Super Screener Is Your Ticket To Cashing In On Kentucky Derby 147!

Includes in-depth, expert analysis and wagering recommendations for the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby day stakes races, plus picks for every race on Oaks and Derby days.

The Super Screener is a digital download available as soon as your order is processed.

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If You Want To CRUSH The Kentucky Derby, You Need The Kentucky Derby Super Screener

  • A proven system for Kentucky Derby picks – based on years of analysis and results – to narrow down fields
  • Shows you what’s important – and what’s not – when handicapping the showcase graded stakes races
  • Reveals the bad favorites – who to use and who to toss
  • Tells you who the pretenders are so you can instantly lower the cost of your wagers
  • Uncovers the live longshots you can use to boost payoffs up to 10x

Mike Shutty

Dear Racing Friends,

After years of ripping-up Kentucky Derby tickets and frustration, I knew there had to be secrets to the Kentucky Derby that could be unlocked.

I began an intense analysis of result charts and past performances going back more than 20 years and looking at over 300 horses to develop a system I could use – every year – to help me handicap and bet the Kentucky Derby with confidence.

I began to notice patterns amongst winners, board-hitters and longshots – and used these findings to develop a system now known as Kentucky Derby Super Screener.

Let the Kentucky Derby Super Screener unlock secrets to big Kentucky Derby Payoffs for you!

Go Fast & Win!
Mike Shutty
Super Screener author & Horse Racing Nation co-founder

Why This Works: The Old Rules Don’t Apply!

My research showed me what variables actually count – and which ones don’t – when it comes to finding the next winner of the Derby including…

  • Why the famous rules like “don’t bet on Derby entrants that have never run as a 2-year-old” no longer work – but what does instead
  • What it takes for a horse to overcome a bad post (Big Brown won from post 20 as a Super Screener key in 2008)
  • Why the “final prep distance” qualifiers carry little meaning (Charismatic debunked the ‘need a nine furlong prep’ rule in 1999)

The old rules are debunked year after year, and now is the time for you to stop ripping and start cashing with your copy of the 2021 Kentucky Derby Super Screener…

Past Super Screeners Have Helped Our Readers Make A Lot Of Money…

Read Dozens Of Comments From Winners Who Crushed The Triple Crown & Breeders’ Cup!

The 2021 Kentucky Derby Super Screener Includes These FREE Bonuses…


How Much Is It Worth?

How much is the 2021 Kentucky Derby Super Screener worth?

Imagine having access to information that will guide you to the horses most likely to win, hit the board and create those massive payoffs you’re used to.

With a little luck, one winning ticket from the Super Screener and it’ll pay for itself… Just look at these amazing payouts the Kentucky Derby has produced year after year!

How Much Does It Cost?

Here’s a summary of what you’ll receive…

  • 2021 Kentucky Derby Super Screener (Value $100)
  • 2021 Kentucky Derby Wagering Strategies & Tickets (Value: $100)
  • 2021 Kentucky Derby Pedigree eBook (Value $50)
  • Super Screener 1-Month Free Trial (Value $49)
  • Your Cost: $250 $49.00

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