Pace Report

Identifying pace is one of the most important aspects of handicapping, and sometimes the most difficult.  Our advanced algorithms help you get a jump start on handicapping by identifying the fastest and slowest races of the day – across the country and for each track.

  • Identify difficult sequences in Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 5 wagers.
  • Be aware of potential fast paces, where you might need to consider more off the pace types and potential longshots.
  • Watch out for slow paces with no clear pace.

Each day, the pace report covers every Thoroughbred track in the country.


‘Pace Makes the Race’

Many astute bettors have noted, ‘Pace makes the race’, as pace can make or break your handicapping. But correctly identifying the pace isn’t always easy – and often the toughest results come from unusually slow or fast paces!

Your new secret weapon!

As part of HRN’s new Pro Reports, the Pace Report leverages algorithms looking at over 400,000 prior races to give you the advantages that advanced computer players enjoy, by helping to quickly identify:

  • Which races the most potential to be fast or slow paces and which horse is the most likely leader?
Pace Report legend
  • MPH – Like the speed limit in miles-per-hour. 25 MPH or less (blue) is slow. 65 and faster (orange) and you’re speeding! Here’s how MPH is calculated:
    • Speed horses – add 20-25 MPH per horse
    • Pace pressers – add 10-15 MPH per horse
    • Mid-pack and closers – add 0-5 MPH per horse
  • Confidence % – With 2 running lines per horse, confidence is 100%. 1st & 2nd time starters drop the confidence %.
  • Lead probability – This is the % chance that the Leader is the horse that actually gets the lead.
  • Note: The Pace Report is before scratches. So if speed horses are scratched, adjust accordingly.
How to use the Pace Report
  • Fast/hot paces (orange) – Races with the most potential for to be fast and pressured. Give extra attention to closers and off the pace types to win or hit the board. If the pace is fast, it can hurt the chances of other speed types.
  • Slow paces (blue) – Races with the most potential to be slow. Slow paces can advantage the horses on the lead and near the lead, while hurting the chances of closers.
  • P3/P4/P5/P6 betting – With these, you can’t miss a single race. The Pace Report helps you not to miss due to pace.
  • Sequences – Identify difficult sequences with longshot and high payoff potential to go after.
  • Fastest/slowest races of the day – find races across the country to focus on!

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